“You may not be the first person to say it, but your saying it might be the first time someone hears it. So we need you to say it.”

I read these words on a friend's blog in 2012, the Golden Age of Blogging, and it's always stuck with me.

I'm here to say it. Because I spent way too much of my life not using my voice and not sharing my stories. Now, I share the moments that have shaped and changed me in hopes that something will echo and inspire my readers to cultivate lives of beauty, simplicity, freedom and adventure...right where they are. 

I have over 20 years experience in creative writing and marketing copy for the music industry, non-profits, and small businesses (including three of my own!). And for 12 years, I documented life and shared my journey towards simpler living on my personal blog, Dreams of Simple Life.  See more of my experience and writing samples below. I'd love to hear from you!


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Some clients I've worked with:

Publications & Podcasts:

Simple with Tsh Oxenreider

“Dating + Marriage (With Kids)” - podcast episode 182 (February 2019)

“Loving Our 40s” - podcast episode 178 (January 2019)

“My Good List” - podcast episode 169 (November 2018)

“A Farmer” - podcast episode 140 (August 2018)

The Art of Simple

“And The Two Shall Become One, Separately” (Feb 2019)

“What My 40s Are Teaching Me” (Jan 2019)

Wild + Free

“The Year of Saying Yes” - written piece in SAVOR online bundle for subscribers (January 2019)

“Homeschooling On An Organic Farm” - written piece in WANDER online bundle and podcast episode for bundle subscribers (August 2018)

Bella Grace Magazine

“15 Ways Farm Life Is Surprising Me” - Issue 16 (June 2018)

“Lighting Your Own Candle” - Issue 16 (June 2018)

The Peaceful Press

“Moments of Connection” (January 2019)


“The Martha in All of Us”  (Dec 2017)

“3 Things I Love About the Enneagram”  (Nov 2017)

“What Gathering Around the Table Has Taught Me”  (Nov 2017)

“5 Inspiring Ways to Welcome Fall” (Oct 2017)

“Why I Need Community” (Sept 2017)

“How to Empower Our Kids to Face Hard Things” (Sept 2017)

“Practicing Self Care As the School Year Begins” (Aug 2017)

“Everyday Summer Celebrations” (Aug 2017)

“One Mom Learns How To Embrace A Life of Risk and Adventure” (July 2017)

“Life Lessons From Farm Living”  (June 2017)

“There’s No Way To Be A Perfect Mother” (May 2017)

“6 Ways to Focus on Gratitude Over Grumbling” (Apr 2017)

“5 Lessons From Spring For Our Kids” (Mar 2017)

“7 Creative Ways To Welcome Spring” (Mar 2017)

“5 Ways to Encourage Kids During a Move and Other Life Transitions” (Mar 2017)

“5 Lessons of Winter for Our Children” (Feb 2017)

“5 Ways To Help Your Kids Manage Conflict” (Jan 2017)

“How - and Why - To Make Gift Bags For the Homeless” (Dec 2016)

“How To Engage Your Family In Sharing Meals Around the Table” (Nov 2016)

”Choosing Structure As Freedom: Reflections On Lent” (Feb 2015)

What’s In The Bible?

“Favorite Christmas Children’s Books” (Dec 2013)

“Tangible Ways To Give Thanks”  (Nov 2013)

“Recapturing ‘Us’”  (Oct 2013)

“Book Review: Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk” (Sept 2013)

“The Art of Self-Care” (Aug 2013)

“Learning To Ask For Help” (July 2013)

“Music Review - Rain For Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones” (May 2013)

“I Just Want To Stay Small” (Mar 2013)

“How To Help Our Children Appreciate God’s Creation” (Feb 2013)

Art House America

“Food As Gift” (Apr 2011)